MetaCare for Eye P.A.

Renew Your MetaCare for Eye P.A.

When you purchase a new Eye P.A. license, it comes with one free year of MetaCare, MetaGeek’s software maintenance subscription.

What do you get with MetaCare?
  • Product feature refinements
  • Software updates
  • Technical support

When your MetaCare subscription expires, you can still use your current version, but you won't be able to upgrade to get the latest software features until you renew.

To renew the MetaCare on your copy of Eye P.A., purchase a MetaCare extension below and you’ll get the key via email. Enter it into Eye P.A.’s registration window (just like when you activated Eye P.A. with your original license), and you will not miss a beat for another year.

Eye P.A. on a laptop

Note: Depending on when your MetaCare period expired, you may need to buy a multi-year extention. Multi-year extentions can only be purchsed by contacting one of our friendly support agents. To determine when/if your MetaCare has expired, use our license management tool

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