Easy Wireless Site Survey with TamoGraph Pro

“It wasn’t until I mapped my floor that I realized any desk behind the elevator shaft had no corporate WiFi access”

Put an end to WiFi Dead Zones

TamoGraph Site Survey can test the overall signal strength while simultaneously testing the throughput performance at every location automatically. Simply upload a floor plan or map to begin logging and testing the WLAN.

WiFi dead zones can be caused by high levels of interference from non WiFi transmitters. TamoGraph conveniently supports spectrum analysis capture with a Wi-Spy to create a snapshot of interference in the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands to help you locate interference.

Key Features
  • Supports .bmp .jpg .gif .png and .wmf file formats
  • Multiple Adapter Support for Passive and Active Scanning
  • Broadest range of supported WiFi adapters
  • Spectrum Analysis Integration

Visual Results of a Job Well Done

The reports generated by TamoGraph Site Survey are the proof your end user needs to have the confidence in your WLAN implementation. The reports include a signal strength overlay highlighting that each area in the building was verified to meet the coverage requirements. TamoGraph also runs performance tests throughout the duration of the site survey to help you design an incredibly fast modern WLAN with ubiquitous coverage.

Key Features
  • Report Generation and Export
  • TCP/UDP Throughput Testing
  • Actual Data Rate Analysis

Report Generation

Design WLANs for End Users

Designing a WLAN with TamoGraph is quick and simple. It doesn’t matter if you are designing for masic or High Density use, TamoGraph can handle any WLAN specifications. Enter the End User’s Requirements into the site survey application and as you walk around it will visually highlight the areas that do not meet their needs.

Key Features
  • Virtual WiFi Planning
  • Exportable Requirement Presets
  • Adjustable Environment Attenuation levels

“My customers are extremely satisfied with my deployment because I handed them proof that they had high-speed coverage throughout the building”

Tamograph Pro
software only

Test overall signal strength and throughput performance simultaneously at every location automatically.


  • Tamograph Pro
    (Software Only)


Tamograph Pro +
Wi-Spy DBx

Create coverage heat maps, and unlock Tamograph’s interference snapshot capability with Wi-Spy DBx.


  • Tamograph Pro
  • Wi-Spy DBx

$1,699+ international taxes & customs

Diagnose & Plan
with Tamograph Pro

Plan and map WiFi coverage, then diagnose, locate, and report interference with Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer.


  • Tamograph Pro
  • Wi-Spy DBx
  • Chanalyzer
  • Report Builder
  • Device Finder Antenna

$2,348+ international taxes & customs

free 2-day shipping + 30 day money back guarantee
Note: TamoSoft does NOT offer refunds on Tamograph. 30 day money back guarantee applies to MetaGeek products only

Technical Requirements

  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft® Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
  • MAC OS X VIRTULIZATION: VMware Fusion, Parallels
  • Optional Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer