Downloads - Professional Wi-Fi Tools


  • Visualize your RF environment
  • Troubleshoot dead zones
  • C.Y.A. with robust reporting
  • Conquer interference
  • Software Release Notes

Download Chanalyzer

Eye P.A.

Download Eye P.A.

inSSIDer Office

  • Perform channel planning on your multi-AP network
  • See how busy each channel is
  • Avoid non-Wi-Fi interference
  • Automatic expert analysis for your network

Download inSSIDer Office

inSSIDer 4

  • See what channels nearby access points are on
  • Pick the best channel for your access point
  • Verify access point settings
  • Avoid Wi-Fi interference

Download inSSIDer 4 - Windows

Download inSSIDer 4 - Mac

Site Survey

  • Create signal strength heatmaps
  • Design Wi-Fi for multiple floor buildings
  • Create and export reports

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