Software Downloads

Chanalyzer + Wi-Spy
  • Visualize your RF environment
  • Troubleshoot dead zones
  • Locate non-WiFi interference
  • Quickly document results
  • Works with Wi-Spy hardware
Eye P.A.
  • Optimize your WiFi settings
  • Improve throughput & capacity
  • Identify client issues
inSSIDer Office inSSIDer Office
  • Visualize activity on each channel
  • Supports multi-AP networks
  • View non-WiFi interference
  • Get expert advice to fix issues fast
  • Works with Wi-Spy hardware
inSSIDer 4
  • For small, personal WiFi networks
  • Visualize activity on each channel
  • Find the best channel for your AP
  • 802.11n packet capture
  • Works with Eye. P.A. and WireShark
Site Survey
  • Create signal strength heatmaps
  • Design WiFi networks for multi-story buildings
  • Create and export reports

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