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MetaGeek Jobs

Senior Product Owner, Wi-Fi Tools

Location: Boise, Idaho


As the Product Owner of MetaGeek’s professional WiFi tools, you will be responsible for increasing the value of our professional WiFi tools and strengthening our presence in the industry.

Ongoing Responsibilities

Understand Our Customers

Manage Product Development for Pro Tools

Community Evangelist and Content Generation


At MetaGeek we care more about your future performance than your history. So the section above about what success looks like for you is more important than your qualifications. Having said that, for you to be awesome as Product Owner here, your qualifications probably look something like this:

Our Values

Have a positive impact

MetaGeek exists to help everyday people connect. All of our work should be linked to moving that mission forward.


Think out loud. Be open and honest with each other and with customers. If you question something, ask about it.

Inclusion (Better Together)

Include others - our work is better when we work together. Understand the strengths and skills of everyone on the team and how they can help.

Iterative Progress

Perfection is the enemy of progress. Take a step, and then take another step. Iterating toward the goal will get you there faster and better than trying to get there in one big leap.

Work-Life Harmony

Take care of your well-being… MetaGeek isn't a Silicon Valley startup working crazy hours in the hopes of a jackpot acquisition. MetaGeek is here to have a positive impact on the world and that starts with us. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

How we work

Our team is highly collaborative and cross-trained, and we lean on each others’ strengths to get work done. This means that sometimes you will be focused on the “job you were hired for” (see Responsibilities above), and other times you will be reviewing website content, or dogfooding software—whatever moves our team closer to success. Job descriptions here are more like contextual guidelines, and official job titles are generally ignored at MetaGeek. We care more about what you can do than what you are called.

"Geek" is in the name

We are a company of techies. We get excited about the latest iPhone, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Wi-Fi Crockpot. We shut the entire company down for Wi-Fi training. Most of the company has at least one certification related to Wi-Fi (CWTS, CWNA, or CWAP); not just the engineers and salespeople either… our CEO is a CWNA.