MetaGeek Jobs

Software Engineer Intern

Location: Boise, Idaho


Your mission at MetaGeek is to work with Software Engineers to design robust, maintainable software solutions that will delight our customers. Implement those designs swiftly, professionally and collaboratively.

Today we have our sights set on new customer segments in new markets, and we need new skills and strategies to disrupt those markets. Join an enthusiastic, customer-centric, entrepreneurial organization with a history of success. This is your opportunity to join a company you will love.

Ongoing Responsibilities

MetaGeek Values

How we work

Like a great sports team, the success of the team is more important than individual success. Our teams are highly collaborative and cross-trained, and we lean on each others’ strengths to get work done. This means that sometimes you will be focused on the “job you were hired for” (see Responsibilities above), and other times you will be editing website content, or QA'ing software for release—whatever moves your team closer to success. Job descriptions here are more like contextual guidelines, and official job titles are generally ignored at MetaGeek. We care more about what you can do than what you are called.

"Geek" is in the name

We are a company of techies. We get excited about the latest iPhone, Android, Raspberry Pi, and WiFi Crockpot. We shut the entire company down for WiFi training. Most of the company has at least one certification related to WiFi (CWTS, CWNA, or CWAP); not just the engineers and salespeople either… our CEO is a CWNA.