Get network visibility without spending tons of cash

If you’re a network manager or installer dealing with a mission-critical Wi-Fi network, you’re the one users call when problems with interference, congestion, coverage, and poorly configured devices arise. We built MetaGeek Complete specifically for you.

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“In an industrial environment, you have to own your airspace. Chanalyzer helps me do just that.”

Scott McNeil

Senior Network and Security Engineer at GPA

You can’t fix what you can’t see

Wi-Fi issues are notoriously difficult to identify and fix without specialized tools.

When adding a new access point to your network isn’t fixing the problem

You’ve added access points until you have perfect coverage, but things still aren’t working.

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Specialty diagnostic tools are expensive

Spectrum analyzers are usually bulky, complicated, and expensive. Packet analyzers can be difficult to use, and don’t visualize Wi-Fi network traffic.

By the time you piece together a diagnostics kit, you’ve spent several thousand dollars in tools whose full feature set you might not even utilize.

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Interference from non-Wi-Fi is invisible

Most modern access points don’t give visibility into the spectrum. As a wireless network administrator, you need a tool that shows you what is causing the problem, so you can fix it.

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Network capacity limits are very real

But how do you know whether your network is reaching its limits or not? You need a handle on channel saturation and co-channel interference so you can plan ahead.

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Bad configurations erode network performance

Simple misconfigurations can hurt Wi-Fi network performance, but can take a lot of time to discover and resolve.

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Are you tired of complaints about bad Wi-Fi?

You know that there’s a difference between actual Wi-Fi problems and backhaul problems, application issues, DHCP hiccups, (and don’t forget DNS… it’s always DNS) but your users might not.

MetaGeek tools make the invisible visible, so you can zero in on what’s causing wireless connectivity issues in your deployment, get the Wi-Fi up and running, and make your users happy.


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Find and fix Wi-Fi issues fast with a purpose-built professional toolkit

By combining MetaGeek spectrum and packet analysis tools into a single bundle, MetaGeek Complete gears you up to resolve the most complex Wi-Fi problems, without paying for features you don’t need.

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Professional spectrum analysis, packet analysis, and Wi-Fi scanning in one convenient package

Dual-Band Spectrum Analysis

Wi-Spy DBx + Chanalyzer measures Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi activity in both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, providing real-time visuals of your wireless environment, including all interference.

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Channel Saturation and Capacity Planning

Chanalyzer combines Wi-Fi scanning and spectrum analysis, measuring how busy each Wi-Fi channel is over time. Measurements can be saved and played back using Chanalyzer’s recording function.

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Powerful Packet Visualization

Unlike typical protocol analyzers, Eye P.A. uses multi-layer pie charts to visualize network traffic so you can quickly view airtime utilization for all APs, client devices, and packet types. Instead of sifting through hundreds of lines of packet data, identify problematic devices with just a few clicks.

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How much Wi-Fi downtime can you afford?

MetaGeek Complete includes Chanalyzer, a Wi-Spy DBx for spectrum analysis, Eye P.A., and a special USB Wi-Fi adapter for packet capture and analysis, all in one bundle. When utilized together, these solutions provide a comprehensive picture of your Wi-Fi network. So no matter what Wi-Fi problems arise, you can find them and fix them. Quickly.

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MetaCare Assurance Plan

All new Chanalyzer and Eye P.A. licenses include a 1-year subscription to the MetaCare Assurance Plan, a software maintenance agreement that entitles you to free product feature refinements, software updates and product support during the duration of the subscription.