The Real-Time Wi-Fi Packet Analyzer

Capture packets, see packet events and live packet statistics with Tonic

Why use a Wi-Fi Packet Analyzer?

When your network monitoring dashboard is giving the all-clear, but the end user is still reporting Wi-Fi connection issues, it’s time to send someone on site.

You know that the last step to troubleshooting endpoints is by capturing network traffic because “the packets never lie.” But with traditional Wi-Fi packet capture solutions, on-site techs face the tedious task of guessing which channel (or channels) to scan.

Tonic makes site visits simple

Enter Tonic, a Windows client that scans all neighboring channel traffic (multiple channels simultaneously with multiple Wi-Fi adapters plugged in) to find the problem spot quickly - no guessing required.

No more crossing your fingers and hoping that your tech is not wasting hours at a client site, only to open up the recording at your desk and realize that the pcap they provided you contained nothing useful.

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting your team can do

With Tonic, the process is simple: the technician goes on-site with Tonic and finds the problem device in the client list. Click on the device, and Tonic will monitor it as it roams across channels, associates, authenticates, etc. Depending on the root cause, the tech can then resolve the issues onsite, or quickly save a packet capture for later analysis back at the office. It’s as easy as File > Save PCAP.

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The Deep Dive into Spectrum Analysis

Discover and identify sources of non-Wi-Fi interference with Chanalyzer

Powerful Dual-Band Spectrum

Chanalyzer works with the Wi-Spy DBx, a powerful spectrum analyzer that measures Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi activity in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Wi-Spy can hear (and show you) anything that makes noise in the 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrum, enabling you to discover and identify non-Wi-Fi interference.

Chanalyzer also has a built-in Wi-Fi scanner too, so it leverages your laptop's built-in Wi-Fi adapter to scan for wireless neworks, which is great for correlating spectrum analysis data with Wi-Fi activity!

Record Intermittent Issues Over Time

Remember DVR's? So do we, and it turns out that they're super useful when it comes to spectrum analysis!

Use Chanalyzer's recording and playback feautres to quickly pause, rewind, and play back spectrum analysis and Wi-Fi scanning data. Dealing with intermittent interference? No problem - Chanalyzer's Waterfall Navigation makes scrubbing through hours of recording (just like skipping commercials), so you can find that interference needle in the haystack!

Note: Chanalyzer requires a Wi-Spy DBx to perform live spectrum analysis and recording. Be sure to grab one at checkout!

Powerful Visual Packet Analysis

Perform in-depth Wi-Fi protocol and performance analysis with Eye P.A.

Visualize Airtime Usage and Retry Rates

Eye P.A. turns packet analysis on it's head by visualizing Airtime Usage! Use Eye P.A.'s innovative "treepies" (multilayer pie charts) to see which networks, access points, and clients are consuming the most airtime. Quickly see top talkers, and which clients and AP's are repeating themselves and clogging up valuable airtime.

Eye P.A. also features powerful filters, so you can find the exact AP/client conversation that you're looking for, and filter down to the specific 802.11 frames that you're interested in. You can even export the results to Wireshark!

Simultaneous Multi-Channel Packet Capture

Connect up to 6 supported packet capture adapters to enable simultaneous, multi-channel packet captures! Multi-channel capture is critical when troubleshooting client roaming issues, especially when Voice ovecr Wi-Fi is involved. Collect packets without having to launch another program!

Note: Eye P.A. requires at least one supported packet capture adapter, so be sure to grab one at checkout! Eye P.A. will also open most Wi-Fi packet captures, if you bring your own. Ethernet PCAP files are not supported.

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What our customers say about us

“Tonic has fast become a must have tool for me. Can’t wait to see how this develops as it already gives me so much great data! It’s especially good for demonstrating how Wi-Fi works to clients.“

Dan Jones

Maven Consultancy

“In an industrial environment, you have to own your airspace, Chanalyzer helps me do just that.“

Scott McNeil

Senior Network Engineer at GPA

“Eye P.A. summarizes what is going on in a very flexible way. With a few clicks, you get incredible insights into what is going on over the air.”

Nigel Bowden

Mobility Consultant

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  • Capture packets, see packet events and live packet statistics with Tonic
  • Discover and identify sources of non-Wi-Fi interference with Chanalyzer
  • Perform in-depth Wi-Fi protocol and performance analysis with Eye P.A.