Your Customers Expect Perfect WiFi.

Most people think WiFi is magic, but providing quality WiFi is easier said than done. As the leader in WiFi troubleshooting and optimization, we can help. ISPs using inSSIDer Technician have enjoyed on average a 29% reduction in WiFi-related truck rolls and a 21% reduction in WiFi-related support calls.

Why Choose inSSIDer Technician?

Access Point Placement

Optimize AP Placement

Determine optimal equipment placement with a room-by-room signal strength engine.

Eliminate WiFi Coverage Gaps

Find Dead Spots

Locate troublesome signal strength dead spots, so they can be addressed and resolved.

Find Sources of WiFi Interference

Identify Interference

Visualize normally invisible non-WiFi interference that may cause WiFi performance issues.

What is the Best WiFi Channel?

Determine Best Channels

Avoid interference from neighbors with automatic channel recommendations.

WiFi Quality of Experience

Determine WiFi QoE

Identify potential Quality of Experience issues for various network services.

Create WiFi Network Birth Certificates

Certify Deployments

Ensure networks meet deployment criteria with automated pass/fail scans.

Set Expections for WiFi Performance

Educate Customers

Manage customer expectations by explaining issues with easy-to-understand visuals.

Upload WiFi Scans to the MetaGeek Cloud Services

Capture Network Data

Upload room-by-room measurements for analysis by service team management.

Improve WiFi Installations With inSSIDer Technician from MetaGeek

Deliver High Quality WiFi

The demand on home WiFi has increased significantly with the explosion of connected devices. And now your marketing groups are promising customers perfect WiFi. We can help. By optimizing the deployment on the front end, and managing customer expectations (no, WiFi is not magic!), truck rolls will be reduced and customer satisfaction will increase.

Improve Your WiFi Customer Satisfaction

Manage Expectations and Upsell

Understanding a WiFi environment can feel abstract to both technicians and customers. inSSIDer Technician’s visualization of WiFi environments not only allows technicians to setup WiFi correctly the first time, but also serves as a powerful tool to help customers understand their WiFi, what the RF conditions are, and how they might improve WiFi performance.

Reduce WiFi-related Truck Rolls and Service Calls

Reduce Operational Expenses

ISPs using inSSIDer Technician have enjoyed on average a 29% reduction in WiFi-related truck rolls and a 21% reduction in WiFi-related support calls with an 82% adoption rate by field technicians.

inSSIDer Technician Cloud Servers from MetaGeek

Gain Insights Into Field Operations

WiFi scans and birth certificates are pushed to a secure cloud database where they can be accessed and further analyzed by operations, customer support, and other field technicians. Captured WiFi data provides insights into typical customer trouble areas and helps inform process improvements.

“Our techs religiously use your tools to ensure that our customers are left with the best experiences possible.”

Gary M., Director of Technical Operations

“inSSIDer Technician is our standard WiFi deployment and test tool for field technicians.”

Wendy A., Business Analyst

“Usage reporting has been critical for conformance tracking and enabling coaching conversations.”