Site Survey Tools

Do you have a location that needs seamless WiFi coverage? Are users experiencing frequent connectivity drops? Need a coverage report at the end of a job?

Site survey software applications like VisiWave, TamoGraph, and Ekahau Site Survey use signal strength data gathered by your computer’s wireless card to map the signal strength of every access point on a floor plan.

Site Surveys are an easy way to ensure every inch of a building has adequate wireless coverage and that security needs are met for WLAN implementations.



Wi-Spy Integration
Passive WiFi Logging
Signal Strength Map
WiFi Report Generation
GPS Integration
Channel Map
Active Ping WiFi Scanning  
TCP/UDP Data Rates  
Virtual WiFi Planning  
WiFi Auto-Planner  
Import CAD Files  
Capacity planning  
Voice Planning    
RTLS Support    
Capacity analysis    
Read walls from CAD files    
Template-based, 100% customizable reporting    
Cisco integration    
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