Ekahau Site Survey

The First and Leading WiFi Site Survey and Planning Tool


"I much prefer Ekahau Site Survey"
- Bruce Alexander, Cisco


If you have a network of more than 20 access points, you'll need professional tools to go with it.


Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) Pro is known as the industry's most comprehensive WiFi site survey and planning tool. ESS boasts the industry's best-performing, most accurate 3D WiFi capacity planner, the fastest multi-adapter site surveys and a fully customizable reporting system.


If you're serious about your WiFi, go with Ekahau Site Survey.

Key Features

Trusted by the Leading Experts


Ekahau Site Survey is used daily for designing and maintaining WiFi networks in large organizations such as Cisco, Extreme Networks, IBM and Presidio, as well as in one-man wireless consultancies.

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