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VisiWave Site Survey

VisiWave Site Survey provides advanced data collection and visualization capabilities to form a complete wireless LAN site survey solution, allowing you to visualize radio waves and demonstrate the effectiveness of your WiFi coverage. VisiWave is an effective tool for indoor surveys, outdoor campus surveys, city-wide hotspots, deployed wireless networks, or pre-deployment sites.

Predict Access Point Coverage

VisiWave collects detailed data about your network and surrounding networks, then visualizes that data for intuitive analysis. Use VisiWave to map channel usage and see holes in coverage, overlapping coverage, or signal leakage from your building, Determine the effects that neighboring access points have on your network, and discover any rogue access points that may be in your area. VisiWave will collect information one point at a time, during a continuous walk-through, and through GPS collection.

Chanalyzer and Wi-Spy Integration

VisiWave integrates tightly with Wi-Spy to add spectrum data to your site survey, deepening your understanding of your wireless environment. Plug in Wi-Spy, and VisiWave automatically uses it to get an accurate interference reading for your survey area. Use VisiWave and Wi-Spy to create an interference graph that clearly shows any problem areas, and get a closer look at particular areas of interest by launching Chanalyzer from within the VisiWave application.

Google Earth Reports

With VisiWave, you can create custom reports (or use report templates) to visualize your coverage, or interactively view your coverage data in Google Earth. In addition to the supporting graphs and tables automatically generated by VisiWave’s reporting tool, VisiWave allows for report customization so you can integrate your own notes, interpretations, and written analysis of the site survey results. The report is published as a PDF file or as an HTML web page. Either format can easily be provided to your client or colleagues as documentation of your site survey.

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Technical Requirements

  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft® Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP (SP3)
  • MAC OS X VIRTULIZATION: VMware Fusion, Parallels
  • HARDWARE: A supported WiFi adapter
  • Optional Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer