Chanalyzer Accessories

Report Builder Software Accessory

The Report Builder Accessory is a license that unlocks the Report Builder features in Chanalyzer to provide an easy way to create a record of what you saw during a recording, and what you did to correct those issues. Add any or all of the graphs & tables that Chanalyzer displays with just one click, or create custom text and image blocks to your specifications. When you’ve finished your report, export it to PDF format for emailing or printing. Check out an example report here, or read more about how to use Report Builder here.

Preview your report as you build each block

Export as PDF for print or email


Cisco CleanAir® Software Accessory

The Cisco CleanAir Software Accessory is a license that allows Chanalyzer to connect with a Cisco CleanAir-enabled access point. Network Administrators can view 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum data directly from their CleanAir-enabled AP’s with Chanalyzer’s remote analysis capabilities. Chanalyzer lists and displays active interferers, and tracks channel information including Interference Max Power and Air Quality Index. Connect via a CCF file from Cisco Prime, or directly with an IP address and NSI key. Works with access points in Local, Monitor, or SE-Connect modes. Learn more about how to use the Cisco CleanAir Accessory here.

View the RF spectrum from your AP’s perspective

See statistics about active devices in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands


Device Finder Directional Antenna Hardware Accessory

The Device Finder 2.4 GHz Directional Antenna is a hardware accessory for Wi-Spy that increases the receive sensitivity in a single dimension. The stock antenna included with Wi-Spy is omni-directional; Device Finder is a highly directional one. Think of it like this: If an omni-directional antenna is a lantern radiating soft light all around, a directional antenna is a flashlight that shines a focused beam in one direction. What this means is that if you're looking for a specific source of interference, you can find it eventually using an omnidirectional antenna, but using a directional antenna will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend tracking down the device. Simply select a frequency range, and start following the line-- the higher it goes, the closer you are. Read more about how to use Device Finder here.

Remove Wi-Spy’s stock antenna and attach Device Finder, then start walking

Follow the bouncing line in Chanalyzer to track down mystery devices.

Get the Device Finder Directional Antenna $150