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—Stephen Mitchell, K-12 Network Administrator

WiFi is critical for success in the future-ready classroom. If WiFi is down, learning grinds to a halt. Between the wired connections in the office, printers, email administration, and coordinating with the school’s ISP vendor, you have a lot on your plate to take care of for both faculty and students. Ensuring fast, reliable WiFi for Chromebooks and iPads is just one of the many hats you wear, but it’s critical for 1 device per student (1:1) and blended learning initiatives.

School District IT Professionals Use MetaGeek Solutions To:

  • Identify and track down non-WiFi interference that negatively affects network performance
  • Quickly understand the classroom WiFi environment, including channel plan and utilization
  • Adjust network design and settings to optimize for throughput, coverage, and up-time

Gain Visibility into your Wireless Environment

Channels at a Glimpse

Understanding what is happening in the air is difficult. Are APs on the right channels? Is everything configured correctly? Chanalyzer + Wi-Spy gives you complete visibility into the WiFi environment, so you can ensure access points are configured to follow a good channel plan and yield strong network performance.

See Channel Utilization

Each WiFi channel has a limited amount of throughput capacity. Once you max out the utilization of the channel, that’s it. With Wi-Spy, you can see exactly how often a channel is utilized, so you can monitor the remaining capacity for VoIP communication, inventory tracking, and other network functions.

Affordable WiFi Spectrum Analyzer - Wi-Spy

Identify and Track Down Interference

Both WiFi and and non-WiFi devices can interfere with a WiFi network, but you can’t see all interference with a normal WiFi adapter. Wi-Spy, the compact USB spectrum analyzer that can see all RF in the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands, allows you identify and track down non-WiFi devices that are causing interference, equipping you to reclaim lost 802.11 channels and bring your network back up to full operating capacity.

Find WiFi interference 2.4 GHz with Device Finder

Locate Non-WiFi Interferers with Device Finder

Ever play "Hot and Cold" as a kid? You know, where you get "warmer" the closer you are to what you're looking for? Device Finder is "Hot and Cold" on steroids.

With Device Finder, you can track down devices that are interfering with your wireless network, like cordless phones, wireless video cameras, and other analog devices. The Device Finder view shows a signal strength over time graph similar to the Networks Graph, but also shows the signal strength of a selected frequency range. Device Finder will enable you to actively seek out transmitters so you can know exactly what is happening around your network. You're getting warmer... WARMER...

Device Finder can track down rogue wifi signals

Document the Results

When you’ve been on-site, it’s a good practice to keep a paper trail of issues you encountered and changes you made. With the Report Builder Accessory for Chanalyzer, it’s quick and easy to the document the results of your work. With just a few clicks, you can add a snapshot of any image or table displayed in Chanalyzer, add your own pictures, and create your own descriptions. After you’re done, export to PDF, and you’ll have a visually-compelling report showing channel saturation, interference, and rogue APs.
[ View Sample Report ]

Prove WiFi is working with Report Builder
Don't Allow WiFi Problems to Stifle Growth!

Basic WiFi Diagnostics
Dual-Band Spectrum Analysis


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Standard WiFi Diagnostics
Dual-Band Spectrum Analysis
With Report Builder and Device Finder

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