"I accidentally stumbled across this software—I work for the world's 2nd largest telecom—while on a repair, I used this to look at all the nearby networks, overlapping, and this is on point! "

—Robert K.

The model has changed for broadband internet providers. A fast, reliable internet connection to a home or business is no longer enough. Customers want fast, reliable WiFi too, and they want their ISP to provide it.

As cable networks and voice carriers move toward streaming services and VoWiFi schemes, reliable internet has eclipsed paid cable TV and home telephone service as the most important service ISPs can provide.

WiFi is an inherently tricky science, adding a new layer of service to your already massive workload. MetaGeek provides the tools for ISPs to help their customers configure solide WiFi networks upon installation, which dramatically reduces the need for additional support in the future.

Technicians Use MetaGeek To:

  • Get a snapshot of the wireless environment, including neighboring networks
  • Verify signal strength in various rooms of a house or office
  • Avoid or eliminate future problems and educate the customer upon initial installation, so you don't have to waste time and money on truck rolls.

Pick the Best Channel

“Which channel? Is channel 4 okay? Who knows?!”

Take the guesswork out of channel selection. inSSIDer Office shows you where the best channel is once and for all. Stop sabotaging your setup with overlapping APs. The Channels Graph shows you which parts of the WiFi bands are crowded and which are open, so you can make an educated channel-planning decision for the customer site.

WiFi Channels Graph

This network is on channel 4, which is a crowded channel that’s non-standard for 2.4 GHz, while Channel 11 is wide.

Set Expectations for WiFi Coverage

Prevent Rerolls Through Customer Education.

In a perfect RF world, a customer site would be one square-shaped box with no walls, furniture, or windows to disrupt or block WiFi signals. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) most homes aren’t designed that way, and there are obstacles in a WiFi environment that make coverage better in some rooms than others. With inSSIDer, you can show the customer how signal strength changes the farther the client device is from the access point, and help them create a plan to either purchase or lease an additional AP, or at least understand why their WiFi isn't perfect in some parts of the home like the hall closets or the backyard.

Affordable WiFi Spectrum Analyzer - Wi-Spy

Avoid Interference

“My Baby Monitor is Interrupting my WiFi?!”

Even if you have great signal strength in a room, your customer could still be having issues. What gives? Well, WiFi isn’t the only signal in the 2.4 or 5 GHz band. Other consumer electronics, like baby monitors, cordless phones, microwaves, and even sound bars can interfere with a WiFi signal, no matter how close you are to the router. Unlike most WiFi tools, Wi‑Spy gathers information about ALL RF signals in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, so you can see where in the band that pesky baby monitor is transmitting, and change the channel on the access point so it no longer interferes.

Simple? Yes, if you have MetaGeek solutions.

Find WiFi interference 2.4 GHz with Device Finder

Resolve Customer WiFi Issues Quickly and Avoid Costly Truck Rolls

Basic WiFi Diagnostics
Basic 2.4Ghz-only WiFi Networks




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Standard WiFi Diagnostics
Dual-Band Residential WiFi
Deployment and Troubleshooting

Advanced WiFi Optimization
Complex Dual-Band Residential Deployment, Troubleshooting, and Optimization

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