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Chanalyzer Trial

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Here are a couple videos to help you get started with your trial right away!

If you haven't downloaded Chanalyzer yet, please download and install Chanalyzer so that you can follow along with the videos below...

Download Chanalyzer

Alright, now that you have Chanalyzer downloaded and installed, let's get started!

This next video uses a sample recording included with Chanalyzer to teach you about modulation types, filtering, waterfall navigation, interference signatures, and much more.


Now it's your turn to give it a go! Click on the Lessons tab in Chanalyzer to learn more about Chanalyzer and WiFi.

Another great way to test drive Wi-Spy + Chanalyzer is to watch the Visual Spectrum Analysis Video Tutorial, offering an in-depth look at visualizing and troubleshooting WiFi with Wi-Spy + Chanalyzer.


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