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inSSIDer Office Chanalyzer + Wi-Spy Eye P.A.


Pick the Right Channel


Conquer RF Interference


Improve WiFi Capacity
Identify the clearest channels available Locate non-WiFi interferers in the 2.4/5GHz bands Find top talkers by analyzing airtime usage
Get recommendations for channel placement and security type Remotely troubleshoot RF interference with Cisco CleanAir access points Analyze packet traffic to troubleshoot network issues
View all WiFi networks in surrounding environment Measure RF spectrum channel utilization See which devices are causing channel saturation
Export recording snapshots to Chanalyzer for deeper analysis Save RF capture as recording for off-site analysis or storage Save packet capture as .pcap recording
Copy graphs to clipboard Create customized PDF reports Export filtered data to Wireshark
View current, min and max data rates View current, min and max data rates View current, min and max data rates
802.11ac support 802.11ac support 802.11ac support
Works with Wi‑Spy Mini/2.4x/DBx Works with Wi‑Spy 2.4x/DBx Works with AirPcap Nx
Starting at $249
Starting at $849
Starting at $499

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Looking for inSSIDer 4?


  • Pick The Best Channel
  • Track Signal Strength Over Time
  • Check Minimum & Maximum Data Rates

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Looking to do a Site Survey?

Site Survey Tools

  • Create signal strength heatmaps
  • Design WiFi for multiple floor buildings
  • Create and export reports

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