Professional Wi‑Fi Tools

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  inSSIDer 4

inSSIDer OfficeinSSIDer Office

Chanalyzer + Wi-Spy

Mac OS X With V.M.
802.11ac Support
Channel Recommendations
AP Aliasing
Channel Utilization Graph
Spectrum Analysis
With Wi-Spy Mini and DBx With Wi-Spy 2.4x or DBx
Build Reports with Report Builder

Identify non-Wi‑Fi interference

Locate non-Wi‑Fi interference

With Device Finder Antenna
Open Recorded Sessions

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Looking for Layer 2 Packet Analysis?

Eye P.A.

  • Trace your network’s conversations
  • Optimize Network Capacity
  • Relieve Channel Congestion

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Looking to do a Site Survey?

Site Survey Tools

  • Create signal strength heatmaps
  • Design Wi‑Fi for multiple floor buildings
  • Create and export reports

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