It's not a question of if your WiFi environment is going to change, but when.

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Monitor your network over time and manage change

MetaGeek Plus outfits you with WiFi diagnostic software and robust cloud analytics, with wireless education built right into the tools. Not only will you be able to expertly diagnose issues when things go wrong, but you’ll be able to proactively manage WiFi deployments so that they don’t.


collage of Eye P.A., Chanalyzer, Wi-Spy DBx, and Wi-Spy Air desktop and mobile WiFi tools

Be Ready with MetaGeek Tools

Gear up so you can troubleshoot WiFi problems when they happen with professional desktop and mobile software and hardware. Dive deep into spectrum analysis and interference with Chanalyzer, filter packet traffic with Eye P.A., and monitor it all from your mobile device with Wi-Spy Air.


Why can’t I stream Netflix while I’m sitting right next to the router?
Why can my user sometimes connect to the office WiFi, but not always?
Why, no matter which channel I choose, is my WiFi slow?
In short ... Why was my WiFi working before, but now it isn’t?

collage of Eye P.A., Chanalyzer, Wi-Spy DBx, and Wi-Spy Air desktop and mobile WiFi tools

Depending on what you use WiFi for, a slow or bad WiFi connection can be anywhere from really frustrating to completely show-stopping. And perhaps one of the only things worse than an intermittent WiFi connection is when you can’t tell WHY it’s intermittent.

Sure, you can get professional WiFi gear that is self-adjusting, self-aware, and can do things like beam forming, but there's still some human intervention needed for it to really work.

The MetaGeek team is made up of real Geeks that have struggled with slow WiFi, signals dropping out, packet loss, and congestion in our own networks, and we know that it sucks to not be able to see what’s going on. That’s why our mission is to provide WiFi education and affordable troubleshooting tools that empower you to keep your WiFi working all the way, all the time.

If you're ready to take control of your WiFi and make it feel like magic for your users, then so are we.

Let's do this.

Learn more about WiFi at MetaGeek Training

Learn more about WiFi at MetaGeek Training

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