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What our customers say about us

"In 16 years of building and analyzing wireless networks, Wi-Spy is the best ‘bang-for-the-buck’ I’ve seen."

Matthew Wheeler

The Network Operations Company

"Our techs religiously use your tools to ensure that our customers are left with the best experiences possible."

Gary McDonald

Director of Tech. Operations

"Saves me hundreds of hours in setup and diagnostics on a yearly basis."

Justin Latham

Network Specialist

It's not a question of if your Wi-Fi environment is going to change, but when.

Depending on what you use Wi-Fi for, a slow or bad Wi-Fi connection can be anywhere from really frustrating to completely show-stopping. And perhaps one of the only things worse than an intermittent Wi-Fi connection is when you can’t tell WHY it’s intermittent.

Whether you're using the Wi-Fi router/modem combo your ISP sent you, or you've already invested in the latest Wi-Fi technology, things go wrong.

And when they do, it's up to you to get things working. That’s what MetaGeek tools are for.

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