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Chanalyzer 2.0 Revision History

build 2007.2.8.0

Ryan Woodings

Ryan Woodings



Product Release

build 2007.2.8.0:

  • Updated WiSpyHID to allow device disconnect/reconnect to any USB port while Chanalyzer is running

build 2007.2.1.0:

  • Chanalyzer 2.0 official release
  • Playback buttons don’t assume XP "silver" look on mouse over
  • Better status bar tips for playback buttons and topo legend adjuster
  • Improved file dialog behavior

build 2007.1.31.0:

  • New application icon
  • New About dialog
  • Double-clicking a file opens it in the existing window
  • USB plug/unplug event maps to correct device
  • Unplugging Wi-Spy closes the USB tab
  • Fix help link
  • Spectral, Topo, Planar views in View menu checked/unchecked appropriately

build 2007.1.15.0:

  • Remove "Average" option in Spectral View
  • New percent per color adjustment UI in Topo View
  • Fix Pause/Play button behavior
  • Don’t try to open files that don’t exist
  • Double clicking a file opens it

build 2007.1.9.0:

  • Switched from multi-window to multi-tab/single-window application
  • New Start Panel with more explanation and options
  • Set better default keyboard shortcuts
  • Removed keyboard shortcut preference options
  • Finished purple color scheme; all items now match the color scheme
  • Moved color legends into control panels for Spectral View and Topographic View
  • Implemented Recent Recordings menu
  • Added option to open/close USB Tab
  • Update Marker data on movement when recording playback is paused
  • Wi-Fi channel highlights are colored to better distinguish overlapping channels
  • Cursor switches to hand on clickable items
  • Fix config.ini path for Vista

build 2006.12.19.2:

  • Fixed USB unplug bug (caused CPU thrash)
  • New marker UI and colors
  • Marker size now scales with window width

build 2006.12.18.0:

  • Now remembers window location and size
  • Fixed OnScroll exception caused by recording playback time slider

build 2006.12.16.0:

  • Reduced CPU usage of Planar View markers
  • Fixed Planar View background in Purple color scheme
  • Don’t allow Chanalyzer to open version 1 recordings (incompatible)

build 2006.12.14.0:

  • Major modifications to recording controls
  • Added status/tooltip bar in footer
  • Replaced cyusb.dll with WiSpyHID.dll
  • Correctly runs on 64-bit Windows (as a 32-bit application)

build 2006.11.24.0:

  • Implemented recordings

build 2006.11.14.1:

  • Corrected amplitude calibration
  • Adjusted default color scheme (blues are now darker)
  • Added purple color scheme (optimized for color blindness)
  • Added color legends for Topographic View and Spectral View
  • Modified Wi-Fi channel highlighting to allow multiple channels to be highlighted

build 2006.10.19.0:

  • Initial release of Wi-Spy Chanalyzer 2.0 beta

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