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Chanalyzer 3.0 Released!

Today we officially announced the release of Chanalyzer 3.0! Together, Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer enable both business and home users to visualize, troubleshoot, and optimize their Wi-Fi networks.

Ryan Woodings

Ryan Woodings




Today we officially announced the release of Chanalyzer 3.0! Together, Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer enable both business and home users to visualize, troubleshoot, and optimize their Wi-Fi networks. Chanalyzer 3.0 offers visual cues to identify signatures of specific electronic devices that may be interfering with any 2.4 GHz wireless network signal, enabling improved installation of wireless devices and faster troubleshooting.

While many other spectrum analyzers dictate to the users what the problems are, the we’ve designed the Wi-Spy + Chanalyzer solution to be more intuitive for users – helping them to help themselves. The enhancements in Chanlyzer 3.0 offer even more flexibility and customization, as well as improved collaboration and overall ease-of-use, including:

  • Signature Identification: Whether it is a microwave, cordless phone, or a baby monitor, these devices all show up as unique shapes in your Wi-Fi spectrum, and can interfere with your network. A new "Signatures" sidebar makes it easy to match the shape appearing in your graph to the device signature (from the growing Signatures Library) – so you can identify the interference.
  • Data Inspector: Shows frequency, amplitude, time, and other data of any point in any view – so you can drill down into specific instances of Wi-Fi interference with great detail by simply rolling over a view with your mouse.
  • Time Controls: Allows users to select any arbitrary time length to be in view, offering greater clarity over more data – and making it easier to pick out interfering devices.
  • Recordings Cropping: Now users can crop recordings visually, making it easier to isolate specific data or timeframes to analyze.
  • Recordings Sharing: A recording can be attached to an email and sent to colleagues or friends for quick troubleshooting collaboration.
  • Embedded Notes: Textual information can now be added to any recording by embedding user notes, which can be useful when collaborating with others during troubleshooting or creating more intelligent archives to improve a company’s knowledge base. Double-clicking a note will actually jump to that point in time on its recording.
  • Recordings Playback: Users have greater control over the speed of playback, fast forwarding or rewinding recordings up to 50x speed, as well as the ability to drag playback to any arbitrary point on a recording.
  • Resize Views: Users have more control over screen real estate with the ability to resize the Chanalyzer charts and graphs – customized to their preference or needs. The sidebar tools can also be minimized to view data on a full screen.

In order to enable all of the new features of Chanalyzer 3.0, achieve the best performance and the highest customer satisfaction, Chanalyzer 3.0 is only compatible with the Wi-Spy 2.4x hardware, introduced in June of 2007. The Wi-Spy v1 solution does not have the superior resolution of frequency and amplitude and will not operate with some of the new features. Chanalyzer 2.1 will continue to be supported for Wi-Spy v1 users.

Customers who would like to use the new features of Chanalyzer 3.0 will need to upgrade to Wi-Spy 2.4x. Because Metageek is committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction, a limited time discount is being offered to upgrade your hardware. For discount details please contact Metageek. Customers in Europe, please contact your supplier or Crownhill Associates Limited.


P.S. Thanks to everyone for the excellent feedback on 3.0 beta!

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