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Eye P.A. version 2.2 Release Notes

Eye P.A. 2.2 brings new improvements designed to help you find Layer 2 problems faster and better.

Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers

Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers



Eye P.A.

Eye P.A. 2.2 brings new improvements designed to help you find Layer 2 problems faster and better. “With 802.11ac now ubiquitous and WiFi 6 becoming reality, MetaGeek is focused on making packet-based analysis and troubleshooting easier and more accessible,” explains Ryan Woodings, Chief of Product.

Eye P.A. 2.2 (April 10, 2019)

  • Now shows the 802.1X Authentication 4-Way Handshake! As you probably remember from your CWNA study guide, a client isn’t fully connected to a network until the 4-way handshake is complete. Eye P.A. can now show when a 4-way handshake happens, so you can spot troublesome connections that aren’t making it all the way through the handshake.
  • Improved color palette makes it easier to distinguish subframe types. We’ve made the various orange shades and blue shades contrast more with each other, so it’s easier to spot the standard packet sequence of RTS, CTS, QoS Data, and Block ACK subframe types, and notice abnormal traffic patterns that can signal a problem.
  • Beacons are now gray to keep focus on actual network communications. This is especially helpful when there are multiple SSIDs on each radio.
  • Added support for TP-Link Archer T9UH v2 AC1900 WiFi Adapter.
  • Multicast and Broadcast “clients” are now aggregated together for a cleaner, more accurate client list. You’ll now get a more accurate view of clients on the network when multicast is used.

This update is free to all Eye P.A. software owners with current MetaCare on their Eye P.A. license. (To check the MetaCare on your license, log in to My MetaGeek and click Manage next to your key.)

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