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In-app snapshots with inSSIDer v1.12

Buckle up, because 1.12 has a treasure trove of both UI and behind-the-scenes improvements that will make you an inSSIDer power user. ⚡️

Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers

Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers



Product Release

inSSIDer v1.12 Release Notes (July 1, 2019)

Buckle up, because 1.12 has a treasure trove of both UI and behind-the-scenes improvements that will make you an inSSIDer power user. ⚡️

📈 Improvements for all inSSIDer users:

  • Breadcrumb Navigation: just like Hansel and Gretel, you can find your way back to the main networks page, no matter how deep you dive into your analysis.
  • Star Networks: Now instead of pinning a network to the top of the list, you can star ⭐️ it. Because no one ever tried to get a “gold pin” on their math homework 😉.

✚ Plus-only Improvements :

👉 If you don’t have access to Plus through either a Plus subscription or a MetaCare subscription, you can try it out free for 30 days (without a credit card) by logging in to your MetaGeek account or following the in-app prompts when using the free version of inSSIDer. Learn how to get the most out of your Plus trial here.

  • Network Snapshots sidebar: Previously, the teeny tiny camera icon in the upper left of the menu bar was your only in-app clue that Snapshots even existed. In this release, Snapshots are an integrated part of your inSSIDer experience (as it should be). Now you can take a snapshot right when you launch inSSIDer with just a couple of clicks, and quickly build a library of snapshots in your cloud account. The more historical snapshots you save, the more insight you’ll have into your network environment.

  • Improved Navigation: Remember the Radios button and how it kind of felt out of place? Now, radio details are nested in the Selected Radio screen, so you can view individual radio information in context instead of doing the networks/radios toggle dance. Navigation now follows a natural drill-down format of All Networks > Selected Network > Selected Radio.

  • Jump to Starred Network: Looking at neighboring networks is helpful, but sometimes you just gotta get back to home base. You can now click on the ⭐️ icon in the main navigation bar to jump back to your starred network.

  • Wi-Fi utilization sparkline bar: for each channel in Channels view, get a quick visual of utilization with green/orange/red utilization bars.

  • Drilling down into Network and Radio Details is easier

🐞 Bug Fixes in inSSIDer v1.12

  • Tables don’t “flicker” anymore. Yay!
  • Improved UI responsiveness
  • Major strides to decrease memory usage
  • Hidden networks are no longer grouped together in Network Snapshots… sorry about that 😬

We think having in-app snapshot capabilities will be a game changer for inSSIDer customers. Agree? Disagree? We’d love to hear from you! And if you want to weigh in on future features/improvements for inSSIDer and other MetaGeek products, let us know in MetaGeek Ideas by voting on your favorites!

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