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International Eye (I) PA Day 2020

Happy Eye P.A. (IPA) Day! The first Thursday every August is celebrated by craft beer lovers as International IPA Day, but here at MetaGeek the holiday is known as “Eye P.A. Day” in honor of our visual packet analysis software.

Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers

Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers



Eye P.A.

Happy Eye P.A. (IPA) Day! The first Thursday every August is celebrated by craft beer lovers as International IPA Day, but here at MetaGeek the holiday is known as “Eye P.A. Day” in honor of our visual packet analysis software.

In celebration of International Eye (I) P.A. Day, we’re honoring the beer and the software by offering a sweet (ok, fine, a hoppy) discount on all things Eye P.A.! During the promotion (August 3 through August 8) you can enjoy 25% off:

To celebrate along with us, use code ipaday20 to get 25% off Eye P.A. products in the MetaGeek online store. To renew your MetaCare for Eye P.A., log in to your account at or follow the instructions here.

IPA Beer

What is IPA?

IPA is an initialism for a style of beer known as “India Pale Ale”. While there is some debate, the abridged version is that brewers providing beer to British Colonial India 19th century added hops to their beer to act as a preservative on the long ocean voyage. There’s debate as to exactly when hops became a popular additive to prevent spoiling (some sources claim 1850’s, while others say the mid 1700’s) and when the resulting brew was first dubbed “India Pale Ale”, but one thing all sources agree upon: the blanket category of “India Pale Ale” beers are pale ales with hops added. There are a bunch of different styles of IPA that can range from extremely bitter to juicy, cloudy to clear, and “sessionable” to “pump the brakes, this stuff is 8%!”

Eye P.A. Graph

What is Eye P.A.?

Eye P.A. visual packet analysis software made by MetaGeek. The multi-layered pie charts and smart color coding make it a breeze to sift through large packet captures, diagnose issues and spot trends in packet traffic. At a glance, you can find and fix packet loss, monitor channel capacity, minimize congestion, and shed light on network configuration and security issues. To learn more, visit the Eye P.A. product page.

🍺 Fave / 💻 Fave

How do the Geeks at MetaGeek plan on celebrating Eye (I) PA day? With beer and packets! Here’s what they said when we asked them to list their favorite 🍺 IPA beer and their favorite 💻 Eye P.A. feature.

Vanessa, Engineering:

  • 🍺 Anti-Hero from Revolution Brewing (I like the name and the can design is cool!)
  • 💻 The Adjustable Time Graph (aka the Slidie)! I love being able to quickly filter the packets to a specific time range.

Kelly, Sales:

  • 🍺 I’m all about a good Sauvignon Blanc…(sorry, not the right answer)…
  • 💻 Being able to determine management overhead is getting in the way! Oh, and all of the fun colors of course….

Brian, CEO:

  • 🍺 I think my favorite IPA was Space Wolf from Barbarian Brewing.
  • 💻 My favorite benefit of Eye P.A. is how much I learned about the 802.11 protocol from working on the parsing, address resolution and airtime calculations. I’m really proud of the treepie and slidie visualizations, as well.

Casey, Customer Experience:

  • 🍺 Fresh Squeezed by Deschutes because it’s delicious and refreshing.
  • 💻 Quick and easy filtering for export to WireShark!

Cole, HR and Operations:

  • 🍺 IPA is gross and I would drink ANY other type of beer over an IPA. Currently a fan of sours….
  • 💻 Treepies – those ADORABLE little doodads!

Lael, Marketing:

  • 🍺 Fenrir from Barbarian Brewing in Boise, ID
  • 💻 Color coding to spot trends easily!

Eye (I) PA Day promotion details

The ipaday20 promotion is good not just on International IPA Day (August 6), but all week! Get 25% off Eye P.A. software (SFW-000019), Eye P.A. Essential Bundle (BUN-EYEPA), and Eye P.A. MetaCare renewals.

The promotion code is valid from Monday, August 3 through Saturday, August 8, and cannot be combined with any other offer.

To purchase Eye P.A. Essential bundle or Eye P.A. standalone software, add products to your cart and enter the code ipaday20 at checkout.

To get the 25% discount on renewing Eye P.A. MetaCare, just log in to your MetaGeek account, find your expired or nearly expired Eye P.A. license and click “manage”, then renew your MetaCare with your credit card. Or, if your Eye P.A. license isn’t anywhere close to expiring, you can still top up with a MetaCare extension license at discounted pricing by adding one to your cart using this link, then entering code ipaday20 at checkout.

Happy packet analyzing and beer sipping!

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