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We’ve just pushed a new update to Chanalyzer 5 that has a couple of really cool new features!

Rich Parker

Rich Parker



Product Release

We’ve just pushed a new update to Chanalyzer 5 that has a couple of really cool new features!

First off, we’ve fulfilled one of the most common feature requests for Chanalyzer: the ability to add notes to your recordings!

There are lots of times when adding a note can be helpful for the troubleshooting process– when you move between rooms, change a network setting, or test a device. To add a note, move the Waterfall playhead to the right spot, then click the “+” button. If you find an interfering device, you can even include a photo!

The new “Notes” Tab is home to a list of your notes that allow you to quickly jump to the appropriate point in your recording. There is also an option to add your notes to your report. It’s pretty sweet.

The other new feature is AP Aliasing. This feature allows you to add a custom “nickname” for the access points in your vicinity, whether they’re “your” networks or not:

This feature is really handy for keeping track of different radios that share the same SSIDs. Also, if you have Cisco APs, the device names will be displayed in this spot by default (but you can still edit them to be more friendly!).

These new features are pretty cool, and will make your job even easier. If you’re not on Chanalyzer 5 yet, there’s no time like the present!


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