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Why We Built Signifi Business

Signifi Business is about more than just home Wi-Fi, it's about employee flexibility and well-being.

Ryan Woodings

Ryan Woodings



Product Release

MetaGeek just launched Signifi Business, a service to help manage and troubleshoot home Wi-Fi networks of remote and hybrid employees. The concept of this product began in March 2020 when almost all businesses and schools in the United States were shut down and everyone was working from home.

Like many of you, we suddenly found ourselves using Zoom for all of our meetings and relying on our home Internet connection for all of our work and social interactions. And also like many of you, we quickly realized that home Internet is not as reliable as what we are used to in the office. The moments when a colleague would freeze on Zoom, or not be able to join the meeting due to a variety of networking issues were sometimes funny and almost always frustrating.

We searched for a good tool to fit our needs, and came up empty-handed. While there are a couple of networking products that you can install on employees' computers , the existing solutions all seemed focused on the performance of the corporate network with an emphasis on corporate. We only found products that don't show a price on the website and instead require a sales demo. Everything we found seemed to focus on hospitals and warehouses - not living rooms and home offices.

So, we decided to figuratively “roll up our sleeves” – nobody actually wore button-up shirts to their home office during the pandemic – and build a product focused on the unique needs of smaller businesses trying to support remote employees.

As the pandemic wore on and the vaccines became available, companies have been trying to figure out what the "new normal" of work will be like. Some companies are forcing everyone back to the office, some are letting employees work remotely forever, and most companies seem to be somewhere in the middle with a "hybrid" environment.

Many recent employee surveys and studies have found that a majority of U.S. employees like working remotely at least a couple of days per week. At MetaGeek, we continually pursue a better way of doing business and believe that putting employee well-being first will positively impact the bottom line in the long term. We believe Signifi Business will make it easier for more companies to support connectivity in remote and hybrid work environments, to improve doing business from home and increase employee well-being.


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