Eye P.A.

Powerful Visual Packet Analysis

Eye P.A. enables easy multi-channel 802.11ac packet capture and analysis, making Wi-Fi traffic easy to visualize. At a glance, you can find retries, monitor channel usage, minimize congestion, and shed light on network design and configuration issues.

Powerful Data Visualization

Unlike a typical protocol analyzer, Eye P.A. uses multi-layer pie charts to visualize network traffic. This allows you to quickly view airtime utilization for all access points, client devices, and packet types transmitted on a selected channel. With just a few clicks, you can identify problematic devices without sifting through hundreds of lines of packet data.
Bonus for Wireshark Users: You can export filtered data directly to Wireshark!


Identify and Manage Packet Loss

Packet loss forces devices to retransmit data, which impacts Wi-Fi throughput and clogs up bandwidth for every client on a wireless channel. Eye P.A. makes it easy to identify sources of packet loss, helps you to understand why devices are retransmitting, and provides guidance to get your network running at optimal data rates.

Measure Network Capacity and Congestion

Since each wireless channel has limited capacity, efficient airtime utilization is crucial for high-performance Wi-Fi. Eye P.A. measures data rates, allowing you to identify slow-transmitting devices that are clogging up your network. Once they have been identified, offending devices can be reconfigured or eliminated to free up precious network bandwidth.


Easy Multi-Channel Capture

Eye P.A. makes it easy to capture 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac packets on multiple channels in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, simultaneously. Eye P.A. supports up to 6 Wi-Fi adapters for simultaneous multi-channel packet capture. Multi-channel analysis is critical when troubleshooting client roaming issues on a WLAN, especially when attemtping to solve highly-mobile applications such as Voice over WFi (VoWi-Fi). You can collect packets in Eye P.A. without launching another program, using many standard Wi-Fi adapters or Riverbed's AirPcap Nx.

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What our customers say about us

“Eye P.A. summarizes what is going on in a very flexible way. With a few clicks, you get incredible insights in to what is going on over the air.”

Nigel Bowden

Mobility Consultant

“I can now get a big picture view of PCAP files in seconds without needing to spend a lot of time decoding things.”

Tom Hollingworth

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