inSSIDer: See Through the Noise

With over 5 million downloads, inSSIDer uncovers trouble spots, exposes bandwidth-hogging networks, and helps you configure your WiFi for optimal performance. Whether you’re just starting out in WiFi, or if you support multiple enterprise networks, inSSIDer is your first step to seeing through the noise.

Improve Your WiFi Performance

inSSIDer analyzes your WiFi environment and alerts you if it detects a better channel for your network, excessive amounts of interference, non-standard channel usage, or other common wireless issues. Each alert can be expanded for additional details and suggestions on what to do to remedy the situation.

Configure Your WiFi Correctly

Once you know and understand your WiFi environment, you can properly configure your WiFi network to coexist peacefully amid the chaos. From choosing the right channel (hint, it's probably 1, 6, or 11 if you're on 2.4 GHz) to picking the right location for your access point, inSSIDer will help you get started down the path toward awesome WiFi.

Power Up InSSIDer with MetaGeek Plus

Monitor WiFi for Changes

MetaGeek Plus powers up inSSIDer with Network Snapshots, making capturing crucial network information as easy as clicking a button.

Eliminate WiFi Coverage Gaps

The Rampart cloud platform tracks your network’s changes over time, so you can see performance changes and establish baseline measures for your network.

Find Sources of WiFi Interference

MetaGeek Plus Pro lets you share snapshots, see who last updated a Site or Room, and share notes so that everyone working on a network has access to the same information

What is the Best WiFi Channel?

Unlock powerful features in the MetaGeek family of apps you already use, like client traffic analysis in inSSIDer and snapshot captures in Air Viewer.

"If you run a small office with a couple of wireless Access Points, you need this."

Testimonial Head Shot — Samuel C., CWNE

"I use inSSIDer to show my clients their WiFi environments and they think I'm a genius!"

Testimonial Head Shot — Bjorn H., Custom Tech Installer

"inSSIDer saves me hundreds of hours in setup and diagnostics on a yearly basis."

Testimonial Head Shot — Justin L., Network Specialist

inSSIDer Screenshot Gallery

inSSIDer requires Microsoft® Windows 7 or newer, .Net 4.5, and an 802.11n/ac WiFi radio.

An Internet connection is required for registration and Network Snapshots. Learn More

Looking for Mobile WiFi Tools?

Wi-Spy Air from MetaGeek - Deploy, Troubleshoot, and Maintain WiFi Networks

Wi-Spy Air and Air Viewer mobile app is the fast, portable and accurate way to validate and troubleshoot WiFi environments. Level up your iOS or Android device with Wi-Spy Air’s onboard WiFi chipset, transforming it into a professional grade WiFi troubleshooting tool.