Manage Small Business WiFi with inSSIDer Essential

inSSIDer Essential bundles inSSIDer Office with Wi-Spy DBx to shed light on the most common WiFi problems – interference from neighboring networks and non-WiFi devices, poor router placement, inadequate coverage, faulty network configurations, and dropped connections – and provides the insights you need to maintain a reliable WiFi network.

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Avoid WiFi Interference from Neighboring Networks

Selecting the right channel for your WiFi network is easy with inSSIDer Office. Scan the wireless environment, select your WiFi network, and inSSIDer Office recommends the best WiFi channel for you. It’s also quick and easy to perform a routine spot check to ensure optimal channel selection and minimize or eliminate interference from neighboring networks.

Verify WiFi Coverage Across the Network

From choosing the location for your router to ensuring your network serves its users, it’s critical to regularly measure signal strength (RSSI) across your coverage area. inSSIDer Office displays your network’s signal strength over time so you can minimize problems with dropped connections or roaming issues when moving from one place to another.

Identify Configuration Issues

Properly configuring a WiFi network is more than plugging in the router and hoping for fast, reliable WiFi. inSSIDer Office analyzes your network and recommends configuration optimizations based on real data, allowing you to pick the right channel, disable legacy data rates, and identify security issues to maximize the speed and efficiency of your small network.

View Wireless Interference with Wi-Spy

Non-WiFi devices like wireless video cameras, Bluetooth speakers, and cordless phones interfere with WiFi, but basic WiFi scanners can’t see them. The Wi-Spy DBx spectrum analyzer – included with inSSIDer Essential – allows you to see interference from both WiFi and non-WiFi sources, giving you a full picture of your WiFi environment.

Solve Your Most Common WiFi Issues
with inSSIDer Essential

inSSIDer Office

Ideal for small WiFi networks

  • View Network Interference
  • Verify WiFi Coverage
  • Pick the Best Channel

Chanalyzer Essential

Ideal for complex WiFi networks

  • View Network Interference
  • Verify WiFi Coverage
  • Pick the Best Channel
  • Optimize WiFi Configuration
  • 2.4 & 5 GHz Spectrum Analysis
  • Locate Sources of Interference
  • Monitor Channel Saturation
  • Eliminate WiFi Dead Spots
  • Create Custom Job Reports
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"I use inSSIDer to show my clients their WiFi environments and they think I'm a genius!"

— Bjorn H., Custom Tech Installer

"inSSIDer saves me hundreds of hours in setup and diagnostics on a yearly basis."

— Justin L., Network Specialist

System Requirements

  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft® Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • SCREEN RESOLUTION: 800x600 (1366x768 or better recommended)
  • RAM: 2GB
  • WIFI RADIO: Internal or USB WiFi Adapter (802.11n/ac recommended)
  • An Internet connection is required for registration.  Learn More

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