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“When Zoom starts to freeze, I just start closing as many browser tabs and apps as I can. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s taking up all the bandwidth.”

Network snapshots

When “turn it off and turn it on again” won’t cut it

Sure, sometimes your router needs a reset. But power cycling and praying to the mysterious Wi-Fi gods can’t be the only tool in your arsenal when you’re trying to use your home network to work, study, or teach online classes - sometimes all at the same time.

You can call your internet service provider for help, but how long do you want to stay on hold? And how likely is it that they’ll give you the same response of “our service isn’t down, it must be your Wi-Fi”?

(Hint: Very likely.)

You don’t have time to get a degree in Wi-Fi science

You’re an expert in your field... but Wi-Fi isn’t your field. Most Wi-Fi troubleshooting tools require home hacks, spreadsheets, USB dongles, and antenna gain charts, and while, sure, that sounds like a fun, nerdy adventure, you and your household just need to get your work done.


Reliable Wi-Fi is too important to just cross your fingers and hope for the best

For professionals working from home, students studying from home, and teachers teaching from home, reliable home Wi-Fi is part of what we need to get through our day.

You can’t afford to have choppy video calls with an important client, botched lesson plans due to poor connectivity, or miss an important webinar because your Wi-Fi is down.

Signifi Personal tells you what’s wrong and helps you make it right

Real-time Network Visibility

Signifi Agent is a lightweight desktop app that collects information about your network and networks around you for analysis.

Curious about your current network connection throughout the day? The Stats tab shows you real-time network information, including Signal Quality (1-100%), data rates, and upload and download speeds.


Signifi Agent is designed to run in the background to monitor your network performance and notify you about Wi-Fi issues.

Step-by-step Issue Resolution

Ok, you know the Wi-Fi isn’t working. But WHAT part of it isn’t working?

Is it your ISP plan that’s the problem? Router placement? Interference from neighbors? There are a LOT of reasons for bad Wi-Fi, but you don’t have all day long to tinker, measure, and research.

Signifi’s Wi-Fi Audit and Issues Dashboard tells you exactly what’s going on and how to fix it so you can get back to your day.

Be the hero that fixes the family Wi-Fi

Are you the one that friends and family call when they’re at their wit’s end, because you’re the one in the group that “knows computers”? Ever spent the better part of a Thursday night on the phone with your confused family member, painstakingly walking them through their router’s config page?

If that sounds familiar, Friends & Family is for you. With your Signifi Personal license, you can invite up to 3 additional members to your Signifi Personal account for free. When they run Signifi Agent, you’ll be able to see their network scan information in your dashboard and remotely help them fix their problem.

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Are you an IT admin who manages Wi-Fi for remote employees? Learn about Signifi Business