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Wi-Fi Troubleshooting for employees in the Work-From-Home era

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Between video meetings, shared file systems, and asynchronous communication tools, office workers need a stable internet connection to get work done. When that connection drops, so does productivity.

More employees are remote now than ever before, which means that IT is tasked with not just running the office Wi-Fi, but also supporting employees as they log in from home.

Using Signifi Business, network administrators can remotely diagnose connectivity issues on employees' home Wi-Fi networks, no matter their location.

Like a helpdesk, but easier for employees and IT

While the Signifi Personal subscription is for individual users that want to keep tabs on their home Wi-Fi network, the Signifi Business tier creates a central dashboard for IT admins to remotely view network data for all their employees.

Employees install Signifi Agent on their computers, click a few buttons to take a snapshot of their network environment, and automatically send their snapshot to the Signifi team dashboard, where it’s easy for IT admins to check upload/download speed, signal strength, and band usage.

Empower remote employees to fix their home Wi-Fi issues

Your employees are experts in their field, but Wi-Fi troubleshooting probably isn’t their field. The Issues Dashboard and how-to guides in Signifi Business allow users to access basic troubleshooting steps in the guided interface to resolve their connectivity issues. If it’s a larger issue that they can’t fix at home, Signifi facilitates escalation to IT support.

View Network details

Assign roles based on who needs access to network data, so everyone's on the same page. The role-based dashboard supplies quick and easy visibility into remote employees’ home networks so that IT admins can help troubleshoot issues remotely, without the back-and-forth calls and screenshots sent via email.

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How much Wi-Fi downtime can you afford?

Are you an IT admin that is in charge of helping your remote employees with connectivity issues on their home Wi-Fi network? You might be a great candidate for the Signifi Beta Testing Program!

Signifi Beta testers get early (and free) access to the product, and in exchange are asked to provide feedback and report bugs.

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