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Wi-Fi Troubleshooting for employees in the Work-From-Home era

Working remotely

More employees are remote or hybrid now than ever before, which means that IT is tasked with not just running the office Wi-Fi, but also supporting employees as they log in from home, coffee shop, vacation rental, or wherever they are working from that day.

When remote employees have issues with their Wi-Fi, there just isn't a great way to diagnose issues remotely, and you end up in a situation like this:

Employee spends hours on the phone with their ISP's call center Company IT spends hours on the phone trying to diagnose the issue Employee follows steps from a random Google search and maybe fixes it, but maybe worsens the issue.

It's a huge pain and takes up a lot of valuable work time, both for you and for the employee that's having the Wi-Fi issue.

Like a helpdesk, but easier for employees and IT

Stop with the back-and-forth troubleshooting. You don't have time for it, and neither do your employees. With Signifi Business, you can remotely diagnose connectivity issues on employees' Wi-Fi networks, no matter their location.

Wi-Fi scanning made simple

Employees install Signifi Agent on their Mac or Windows computer, tell Agent where they currently are, and click a few buttons to take a scan of their network environment.

Once initial scans are set up, Signifi Agent will automatically scan the network daily to help IT spot network issues before they mushroom into huge problems.

Empower remote employees to fix their home Wi-Fi issues

Your employees are experts in their field, but Wi-Fi troubleshooting probably isn’t their field. The Issues Dashboard features how-to guides that walk users through home network troubleshooting steps. With Signifi Business, they might not even need to call you.

If it’s a larger issue that they can’t fix on their own, Signifi facilitates escalation to IT support.

Set expectations

Signifi Agent also has real-time stats that help set expectations about an employee’s network.

For example: If they only pay for 20 mbps upload / 2 mbps download speeds from their ISP, Signifi Agent will be able to show them that calling you for help still won't get them upload/download speeds past that threshold.

Centralized team dashboard for escalations

Signifi Agent network scans are automatically sent to the Signifi team dashboard, where you can view upload/download speed, signal strength, and band usage for each employee at a glance.

That way, if an employee can't fix an issue themselves, by the time they call you, you already have all the data you need to diagnose and fix the problem.

Quickly find and prioritize struggling networks

In the admin dashboard, you can view a list of employees and see connectivity status for each user based on requirement thresholds that you set.

Sort the list of users by name, highlighted issues, upload/download speed, signal strength, security type, or how recently the user last took a scan, so you can quickly find users who are struggling with their home network. You might find out about a Wi-Fi issue before the employee does!

How much Wi-Fi downtime can you afford?

Are you an IT admin that is in charge of helping your remote employees with connectivity issues on their home Wi-Fi network?
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