"For us, WiFi is not only a nice-to-have, it has become a essential element in our healthcare IT ecosystem. MetaGeek has become a trusted partner in ensuring the health of our critical wireless networks."

—Jarred T., Healthcare IT Professional

WiFi has revolutionized the way patient care is delivered. With the expansion of WiFi-enabled devices like mobile workstations for electronic charting, VoIP phones for communication, and RTLS tags on medical equipment, healthcare facilities are able to automate many previously manual workflows and focus critical human resources on delivering care to patients.

A lot rides on the uptime of hospital WiFi networks, and when WiFi doesn't work as expected, it's not only a mystery to solve, it can create potentially life-threatening situations.

We have the solutions to your WiFi challenges in healthcare.

Healthcare IT Departments Use MetaGeek Solutions To:

Identify & Troubleshoot Interference

Chanalyzer + Wi-Spy DBx is a powerful spectrum analysis solution, providing visibility into the RF spectrum where WiFi lives. Both 802.11 and non-802.11 devices can interfere with your network, but you can’t see interference with a normal WiFi adapter. Wi-Spy DBx, however, is a compact USB spectrum analyzer that sees all RF in the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands. This allows you identify and track down non-WiFi devices that causes interference so you can reclaim lost 802.11 channels and restore full operating capacity.

Measure WiFi Channel Congestion

In addition to giving you visibility into non-WiFi interference, Chanalyzer shows you all RF activity, including WiFi, so you can make sure WiFi channels aren’t over-utilized.

Check Signal Strength

Track signal strength over time to identify dead spots, so you can adjust access point positions and maximum transmit power configurations to ensure good coverage.

Affordable WiFi Spectru Analyzer - Wi-Spy

Identify and Track Down Interference

Chanalyzer is designed to bring simplicity and power to the process of wireless troubleshooting. It will visualize how environmental WiFi saturation and non-WiFi transmitters are affecting your network. A variety of devices transmit in the same pvart of the wireless spectrum as WiFi, including microwave ovens, cordless phones, security cameras, and more. With Chanalyzer, you can visualize just how active these transmitters are.

Find WiFi Interference 2.4 GHz with Device Finder

Locate Non-WiFi Interferers with Device Finder

Ever play "Hot and Cold" as a kid? You know, where you get "warmer" the closer you are to what you're looking for? Device Finder is "Hot and Cold" on steroids.

With Device Finder, you can track down devices that are interfering with your wireless network, like cordless phones, wireless video cameras, and other analog devices. The Device Finder view shows a signal strength over time graph similar to the Networks Graph, but also shows the signal strength of a selected frequency range. Device Finder will enable you to actively seek out transmitters so you can know exactly what is happening around your network. You're getting warmer... WARMER...

Device Finder Can Track Down Rogue WiFi Signals

Monitor Network Traffic and Airtime Usage

With Eye P.A. + Airpcap Nx, you can capture 802.11 traffic on a specific channel to learn more about conversations between WiFi devices in your environment. As a powerful and intuitive packet analyzer, Eye P.A. visualizes packet traffic and airtime usage for 802.11 devices, from medical equipment throughout the hospital to guest networks in the waiting room.

Use Eye P.A’s powerful filters to identify devices having slow, inefficient conversations or excessive retry rates, and get to the source of whatever is eating up valuable 802.11 airtime. Eye P.A. automatically identifies network configurations that harm network performance, and by changing those settings, you can take steps toward network optimization without having to spend any extra money on network infrastructure.

Eye P.A. Packet Analysis

Document Your Findings with Ease

After fixing the WiFi, you probably have to create a report for your boss or client. Creating a report with Chanalyzer is easy; with just a few clicks you can add a snapshot of any image or table displayed in Chanalyzer. Add your own pictures, create your own descriptions, or just use the defaults. After you’re done, export to PDF to create a visually compelling report of dead spots, saturation, and rogue APs your boss or clients can understand.
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Prove WiFi is Working With Report Builder
Ensure Critical Uptime for Critical Healthcare Networks

Basic WiFi Diagnostics
Dual-Band Spectrum Analysis


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Standard WiFi Diagnostics
Dual-Band Spectrum Analysis
With Report Builder and Device Finder

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