"My main goal is to make WiFi as available and reliable as possible for network users. Sometimes I feel like I'm just trying to keep things afloat."

—Bruce, Campus IT

Whether your office isn't big enough to have an IT department—or you ARE the IT department—100% wireless uptime is a must. Your customers (and possibly your owner) expect reliable WiFi to get business done.

Between wired connections in the office, printers, servers, and coordinating with your ISP, small business IT requires you to wear many hats. You don't have time to become an expert on all things 802.11 (ahem, that's WiFi), you just need to make sure there's reliable, consistent coverage throughout your small business. And that's where MetaGeek can help.

Small Business IT Pros Use MetaGeek Solutions To:

Avoid Interference

Cordless phones, wireless video cameras, the neighbor's video baby monitor … they all work in 2.4 GHz, and can absolutely destroy a WiFi channel or two, taking your network down with it. If there’s a nearby device causing interference—whether WiFi or non-WiFi—Wi-Spy with inSSIDer Office can see it and help you avoid it!

Affordable WiFi Spectrum Analyzer - Wi-Spy

Channel Planning

“My brother-in-law said to always use channel 4. Is that true? Who knows?”

Choosing the right WiFi channel is critical for solid network performance. inSSIDer Office takes the pain out of channel selection, helping you move from a non-standard channel like “4” to one that actually works for you. Intuitive color-codinging helps you understand who is interfering with you, and if that isn’t enough, inSSIDer Office will just tell you which channel you should be on.

If you have multiple access points, inSSIDer Office will help you perform proper channel planning, so you can make your APs get along; no interrupting each other, and definitely no taking turns and slowing each other down.

WiFi Channel Planning

Coverage Check

Coverage is critical for good WiFi. inSSIDer Office can help you track wireless signal strength as you move around your business environment, so you can make eliminate dead spots. If you don’t know what is a good signal strength, don’t worry! Use the built-in signal strength presets (like web/email and voice/video) to determine the ideal signal strength.

Eliminate WiFi Dead Spots with Chanalyzer
Easy WiFi For The IT-by-default Professional

Basic WiFi Diagnostics
Basic 2.4 GHz-only Networks




$249 per user + international taxes & customs

Standard WiFi Diagnostics
Initial Deployment and
Basic Dual-Band Troubleshooting

Advanced WiFi Diagnositcs
Small Office WiFi Deployments, Troubleshooting, and Optimization

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