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See What You’re Capturing
(While You’re Capturing)

WSYWIG Packet Capture - What you see is what you get! Select a network, access point radio, or client, and watch as Tonic keeps you informed about what it’s captured. Data frames, ACKs, Authentication Frames - Tonic counts them all up in real time. You’ll never doubt that you captured an Association Request and Response, ever again.

If you see it, you’ve captured it!

Real-time Air Time

Built on MetaGeek Eye P.A.’s powerful Airtime Usage technology, Tonic records, calculates, and tracks Airtime Usage, a powerful Layer 2 measurement of time used on a Wi-Fi channel. See which AP’s and clients are talking slowly, repeating themselves, or otherwise consuming valuable time on the Wi-Fi channel, all in real-time.

Layer Up!

Unlock powerful Layer 1 spectrum analysis by plugging in a Wi-Spy DBx. Discover sources of non-Wi-Fi interference and measure Wi-Fi channel congestion from a raw RF perspective, and all in the same application that gives you powerful Layer 2 Airtime Utilization.

Don't have a Wi-Spy DBx? No problem - spectrum analysis in Tonic is totally optional.

Get Into the Flow

Source? Destination? Transmitter?! Receiver?! When all you need is a quick view of what packet went where, Packet Flow has you covered. Simple arrows show who transmitted the 802.11 frame, and colorful labels show what kind of frame it was, so you can track Wi-Fi conversations more easily than ever before.

Packet Flow makes you wonder, “Why didn’t we always do it like this?!

Automatic Event Detection

If you’re like us, you’ve spent hours creating filters, or scrolling through thousands of packets to find specific events like Association Requests or Deauthentications.

No more.

Tonic’s automatic event detection scrolls through the packets for you, identifying and categorizing events in real-time. Associations, Roams, Authentications, Neighbor Reports… everything appears automatically, live as you capture.

Client Following

Clients roam, and when they do, they usually end up on a different channel. That’s no problem for Tonic, which creates teams of Wi-Fi adapters: one for capturing everything the client says, and another to continuously watch for the client on all 24 other Wi-Fi channels - ready to follow the client to a new channel at a moment’s notice.

Why stop at two? Plug in a third adapter to perform even faster off-channel scanning! MetaGeek Tonic supports tons of off-the-shelf USB Wi-Fi adapters for packet capture.

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What our customers say about us

“Tonic has fast become a must have tool for me. Can’t wait to see how this develops as it already gives me so much great data! It’s especially good for demonstrating how Wi-Fi works to clients.“

Dan Jones

Maven Consultancy

“Tonic is packet analysis for the masses. The highlighted contextual information is so cool for highlighted events! For the deeper stuff, you can easily export to your favorite full-featured tool.“

Chris Reed


“Tonic is moving the industry forward.“

Keith Parsons

WirelessLAN Professionals

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