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Announcing Rampart for Education: home Wi-Fi help for teachers and learners

Are you a student, teacher or parent that relies on a home WiFi connection to learn and teach from home during the pandemic? You’re eligible for 90 free days of Rampart Home!

Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers

Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers




Distance learning is here, in a big way

There are 3.2 million K-12 teachers and 1.7 million post-secondary teachers in the United States. Since March, many of these teachers found themselves suddenly teaching from home due to COVID-19. Whether in a hybrid in-person/virtual model or 100% distance learning, teachers, students, and the families that support them are increasingly relying on their home WiFi networks to participate in online learning.

For most teachers, Wi-Fi isn’t necessarily a hobby or passion; it's a utility for getting their actual job done. Like electricity or indoor plumbing, no news is good news, and if we don’t notice our WiFi throughout the day, that means it’s working as designed.

But when WiFi doesn't work, it can be a nightmare to diagnose exactly which parts of the delicately-balanced ISP --> modem --> router --> client device --> application chain are acting up. It dang near takes an expert to decode it all.

You shouldn't have to be a WiFi expert

Educators are experts in their field... but WiFi isn't their field. And why should only WiFi experts and tech geeks reap the benefits of solid, consistent home WiFi?

The answer is simple: they shouldn't.

Everyone deserves good home WiFi

Earlier this year, we launched Rampart Home with the goal of providing an easy-to-use WiFi diagnostic tool specifically for home networks. With Rampart home, you can quickly check to see if your Wi-Fi is ready for what you’re about to do with it, no WiFi expertise needed.

Teachers, students, and anyone trying to do work from a home WiFi network will be able to answer these 3 important questions with the tool:

  1. What’s wrong with my WiFi network and how do I fix it? (WiFi Audit)
  2. What’s happening right now with my home WiFi? (Real-time Stats)
  3. I’m about to start teaching/learning/working for the day. Is my WiFi going to be there for me? (Daily Check)

Read more about Rampart Home features here.

Education for all

To help teachers and learners get through the days ahead armed with stable WiFi, we’re happy to announce the Rampart for Education campaign that gives a free 90-day subscription of Rampart Home to educators, students, and parents as they learn and teach from their home WiFi network. Since we can't wave a magic wand and make COVID-19 go away (a geek can dream!), throwing a bone to some of the most important people in society-- teachers and students-- is the least we can do to help y'all get through it.

There are no gimmicks or gotchas, and you don't need to enter a credit card to subscribe. We just want you to have good WiFi so you can teach and learn from home.

Visit the Rampart for Education page to sign up, and spread the word to teachers and students in your lives so they can have good WiFi too!

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