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March Webinar: Spectrum Analysis in Industrial Environments

In this webinar, Scott McNeil from GPA will be introducing us to the world of industrial spectrum analysis. Learn how industrial equipment can cause interference and impact Wi-Fi and other wireless control systems, ask questions, and see real-world interference examples from the field.

March 25 on Zoom

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Past Webinars

August 2020: Wi-Fi 6

Analysis of Wi-Fi 6 throughput tests from both a spectrum and protocol perspective using inSSIDer and MetaGeek Plus.

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July 2020: MetaGeek Product Selection

Compare MetaGeek bundles and subscriptions for specific use-cases in Wi-Fi troubleshooting and maintenance.

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June 2020: Deep Dive into Chanalyzer

Learn how to utilize Chanalyzer's powerful spectrum analysis features, from basic to advanced.

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May 2020: Low Cost Packet Analysis in Windows

Learn how to capture and analyze packets in both inSSIDer and Eye P.A. using a standard Wi-Fi adapter.

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April 2020: Working From Home Wi-Fi

Learn how MetaGeek tools can help you get your home Wi-Fi network WFH-ready.

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