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WiFi Education

Wireless Packet Analysis with Eye P.A. — Tutorial

Trace your network’s conversations

Learn the basics of wireless packet analysis, how clients and APs talk to each other, and how you can use Eye P.A. to optimize and understand your wireless data network.

In this webinar recording we will:
  • Capture 802.11 Packets with AirPcap and WireShark
  • View captured data in Eye P.A.
  • Learn what Control, Management and Data frames are, and how they are displayed in Eye P.A.
  • Understand Multi-Layered Pie Chart visualizations
  • Navigate captures with Time Slices to review trouble areas
  • Interpret Retry Rates
  • Export to Wireshark for Data Drill Down
  • Gain an understanding of basic packet analysis

Please note, this tutorial is an entry-level introduction to wireless packet analysis. Additionally, packets can also be captured using sources other than the AirPcap Nx. Click here for a complete list.


AP Client Conversation